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It's about time management was back in your hands!
This is our first obvious advantage. When you have the information - you know, to manage and respond in real time to every threat or act of negligence. A wise use of our products and implementation in your organization's systems provide you with a management tool that ensures your exclusive ownership of your company's developments, gives you optimal use of your human resources, tracks every type of interactive activity - and gives you and your organization peace of mind.

A human sits behind every computer!
Eventhough the Tomagi system focuses on advanced technologies, but it doesn't forget the central aspect: the human factor. We made the software so that man and machine can work together in harmony, efficiently, and in full tranparency. Our customers get products that do exactly that - in the best way available today.

It's simply friendly!
The system does not require special integration or complex installation. It doesn't slow down the computer, and is visible only to its operator, easy to operate and understand. The system's simplicity lets you enjoy holistic computing solutions, tailored to your needs and to your employees' character.
What is tomagi ltd
How many time have you told yourself "If I knew everything, then things would be different..."?
Fantasy films show extra-sensory capabilities - to see through walls and to predict the future. This is what technology seeks - and the tomagi ltd system is already on its way!
Using the Tomagi system gives you all the information you need for operations, control and tracking of all the activity under your nose, inside company servers and and employee computers.
The system serves internal security puposes, combined with a functioning 'real time machine' for all business components: every activity, external and internal, is registered. In reality transparency is promoted, energy is directed solely to the organization's goals - without invading privacy.

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